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Industrial embroidery

Mar Màgic is a company specializing in embroidery, offering customers the chance to recreate all kinds of designs on a wide variety of items. For this reason we define ourselves as a developed craft workshop, where we prepare designs as artisans, and then carry out production using machinery.

Then we will explain the steps for embroidery.

How is our embroidery done?

company logo. We convert the design into a stitching template on embroidery tape.

The tape is the key to production as it tells us how many stitches the design has, and the stitching motions that are needed. It also tells us if there are colour changes, thread trims, mechanical pauses, dimensions, collating all the necessary information to be able to create the embroidered logo. All this information is processed using specialist software for embroidery stitchwork.

At Mar Màgic, we create our own stitchwork and this gives us peace of mind, speed, agility and quality for all our embroidery.

The term ‘embroidery tape’ comes from the very beginnings of industrial embroidery. The tapes were made of perforated paper or card containing the information for the pattern, which, thanks to special reading devices transferred the data to the machine. Nowadays things have moved on and the tape has evolved into a file which may take a number of names and can be housed by practically any digitalized format such as CD, USB etc or sent via e-mail.

Once the tape is ready, now we can start production. First we have chosen colours, thread for each design, and the item to be embroidered.
Items can vary greatly, from t-shirts to polos, sweatshirts, shirts, parkas, sports bags, and more specialised items like ties, handkerchiefs or caps. Our machinery allows us to embroider an infinity of varied items.

Now we move onto the stage of industrial production. Let’s imagine we’re using shirts. We know where the design goes, for example on the left side of the chest. The machines have a frame to pull taught the fabric and hold it in position, ready to be stitched. At this point we prepare the machine, loading the design and the chosen thread. The thread is pulled taught and…. Production is underway!


How many designs can we produce?

At present we have 5 machines – 2 with 12 heads and five colours, and a further 2 with 6 heads and 12 colours. Finally there is a machine with 4 heads and 10 colour option.
This combination allows us to produce in small or large quantities. Our capacity allows us to produce to over 100,000 stitches, which can equate to some 2000 units a day.
Once production is complete, Mar Màgic also offers its customers a folding and packaging service so that the garment can be delivered directly to the end customer.

We also offer a variety of embroidered patches, with different finishes and backings.
Finishes can be in thermo-adhesive plastic, Velcro or fabric, depending on the use of the patch.

If you are interested in producing a design and would like a quote, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.